South of the Strait

There are two types of people when it comes to home exchanging, there are people who exchange homes and love it and then there are people who worry that someone is going to sleep in their bed and steal their big screen television.

I love home exchanging. Do people sleep in my bed? I hope so, I change the sheets and lay out fresh towels. For some reason people will sleep on a hotel bed without a second thought, but someone else’s bed gives them the willies. I don’t know if they think the Virgin Mary is sleeping in their hotel rooms, but it seems like an odd reason to avoid exchanging homes to me. Take your own bedding if you like, or buy some when you arrive, it will be cheaper than staying in a hotel room.

Now if you are someone with a priceless collection of Picasso paintings…

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About brian50plus

I am a Scot who loves life and his family. We are empty nesters, well almost, and have a Home Exchange travel website.
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  1. Thank you for following my blog. You need to join our community. There are a lot of sensitive, supportive, intelligent and very talented folks out there. Looking forward to reading more on your site. I think I recognize the Moorish designs of the Alhambra palace behind you. Cheers!

  2. brian50plus says:

    Hi Georgette Thanks for the message. No it is not the Alhambra, that was last years March visit, this one is from our latest trip to Marrakech which offered similar designs but nothing as grand as the Alhambra.


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